The Owners

Peter and Megan Lamb moved to the UK from Australia with their 3 children in 2007, Peter is a dual Australian/British citizen and Megan and the Children will become citizens in 2014.

We chose the South East and the Tunbridge Wells vacinity in particular because of it's outstanding natural beauty, access to quality schools, easy access to Europe and the best weather in the UK.

We live in Groombridge and had lots of chickens prior to opening the shop. As a result of our egg business, we developed an interest in running a farm shop and when the vacant shell of a shop at Bells Yew Green came up for auction, we jumped at the chance of purchasing it and building what you see today.

The shop was an empty shell, we did not have any walls, ceilings, floors, electricity, water or telephone sevices when we started. We drew up our plans and built the entire thing in 6 weeks. Lambs Larder opened for business on the 15th of February 2010.

People often ask me "Why did you leave Australia for England?". Whilst we still maintain a home in Brisbane Australia, we intend to spend many more years in the UK. One of the many reasons for the shift was to give our children a wider experience of the world. We love the easy access to Europe that England provides and we take advantage of the cheap ferry crossings often. Another thing we love about the UK is the sense of community you get here. This is not as evident in Australia and we see Lambs Larder as a focal point for comunity interaction in Bells Yew Green and Frant.

We will continue to improve your village store and we appreciate the support that so many people have given us since opening.